Member of Latin American Board for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
International Sales Board for Aman Resorts

For Jaime, having a travel agency is simply a by-product of his life’s passion. Since the tender age of 18, he has wanted the same thing; spending most of his time talking about traveling, recommending places and dreaming about what he would discover next. These conversations soon became both an obligation and a guilty pleasure. His involvement in the business came about naturally.

Today, Jaime spends his life in airports. He travels around the world documenting, reading, visiting all there is to visit, gathering information and most significantly of all, seeking out the best experiences in the luxury market to offer his clients season after season.

His daily life is a constant adventure. His greatest loves however, are disclosing trip plans, seeing the elated reactions of clients when they hear of them, offering advice and tailoring trips to each individual client.

His secret ingredient in the recipe of any great voyage? A good attitude. With so many unexpected occurrences during his travels, he knows that positivity is key. During trips, both the good and bad moments are indispensable; “perfect” trips are not the most memorable ones, and unforeseen events can be incredible. Travel brings luck to your life, while staying in one place makes you stale. However, as Jaime confirms “it’s all a question of taste”.

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